What is the recommend strength for polished concrete?

The recommended strength for polished concrete is 32MPA

32MPA concrete the same from every concrete company?

All Concrete Companies 32MPA vary from each other. Some have minor differences and some have major differences.

Does 32MPA standard concrete come out grey?

Usually this isn’t the case, once exposed, polished and sealed standard 32MPA seems to go a “tan” colour or brown/yellow.

If you are after grey concrete it is recommended that you talk to your concrete supplier and be clear what you are after.

Can 25MPA concrete be polished?

Yes, 25MPA concrete can be polished although a lot of hardeners will need to be used to up the strength.

I have 20 MPA concrete can this be polished?

No, unfortunately 25MPA is the bare minimum although we can offer a grind and seal option if you are still after the exposed look.

You will have to ask your builder to find out what strength of your concrete is.

How do I find out what MPA my concrete is?

Does concrete crack?

Yes, more than likely because of movement you may receive some shrinkage cracks.

Can these cracks be filled?

Yes, the cracks can be patched, as long as they are open enough for us to get epoxy in them. 

Can you have polished concrete in wet areas?

You can, although we would recommend against it due to slip factor. Also, over the years soaps, shampoos and conditions eventually eat away at the concrete making it rough.

How do I choose the right aggregate for me?

You can visit a Concrete Company who provide special exposed aggregate mixes for which come with more stones packed into the concrete than standard mixes. You can also choose smooth pebbles or different coloured stones and even coloured glass to be added to the concrete when it is poured.

Consider the use of the area when selecting your aggregate as well.
As if the area used is an area where children will play you might want to consider smoother pebbles to walk bare feet on.
In patio and alfresco areas, a lower profile aggregate mixes might be a better option under tables and chairs.
Driveways that have a slope, a more dense aggregate mix to achieve a rougher finish with more grip for tyres is a good option.

What’s the difference between full exposed and honed?

They’re both the same, full exposed gets polished and honed concrete is left raw.