City Concrete Polishing SA can turn your concrete into an elegant and practical art form.

We create the finished floor you desire for your home or business. We specialise in concrete polishing and concrete floor restoration including:


Polished concrete is rapidly becoming the ultimate non-wax flooring, and has a unique look, while also being extremely durable, cost effective and requires very little maintenance.


Due to the superior durability and the high performance of concrete, it’s no wonder why more warehouses, factories, residential and office facilities worldwide, are polishing concrete floors as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, or coated concrete.


  • Increased Density:

    The polishing process actually increases the hardness of the concrete, which means that the density and overall compression strength will be improved, making the floor more resistant to dirt, grease, oil, tire marks, abrasions, or impacts.

  • Beauty and Safety:

    Polishing Concrete floors produces a near perfect reflection, which will significantly improve the brightness of the area and can increase lighting ambiance by up to 30%. The high sheen provides an extremely appealing and attractive floor. Fully Polished concrete floors are generally no more slippery, than plain concrete floors.

  • Low Maintenance:

    Polished concrete floors will never need waxing and because the polishing process minimises the risk of dirt, water or other substances from penetrating into the concrete floor, maintenance costs will be significantly reduced.

  • Reduced Dusting:

    Regular concrete floors produce their own concrete dust, but the full polishing process will totally eliminate the concrete from dusting.

Full exposed kitchen floor

We can make your floor unique to make it the feature for any space.


The opportunities are endless when it comes to the different colour stones used in the concrete, the level of exposure of the aggregate whether you would like to see more or less. It is completely up to you!



Full Exposed

The full exposed floor is when 3-5mm of concrete is ground to achieve an even aggregate look.
There are multiple varieties of colours and aggregates to choose from depending on which concrete company you choose. We can help you choose the right company to give you the result you want!


Salt & Pepper

A Salt & Pepper floor can come in a variety of ways:
Bare minimal exposure - Just a bit of aggregate shows.
Medium exposure - Not to heavy but not too light
Heavy Salt & Pepper - this is close to a full exposed floor but with a few variations.



A warehouse finish floor is when you start polishing the skin of the concrete without putting any diamonds on the machine. You will start off using polishing pads and usually polish to a mirror finish or #3500 resin.



Honing gives concrete a smooth matte surface by grinding the concrete which also exposes the aggregates and stones. Perfect for all outdoor areas and the perimeter of the property.

We can do anything with polished concrete!


At City Concrete Polishing SA you will find that we are able to do some pretty amazing things all by hand with concrete. This includes stairs (face & flat steps), bench tops, fire places and much more.

We work on paying attention to detail so you are more then happy with the end result.


Honed polished concrete steps
Full exposed concrete polished staircase
Full exposed concrete polished steps
Full exposed concrete polished pool
Salt and Pepper concrete polished steps
Salt and Pepper concrete polished path

Interested in doing some hand work for you? Send us an enquire!

Hate seeing cracks in your concrete? We can help by repairing the crack and preventing it from cracking again.


We have multiple colours of Epoxy which we try our best to match the colour to the concrete. We patch the cracks/ holes and then grind them down flush. Usually you won’t be able to tell when a chip in the concrete has been patched.


Concrete repair
Concrete repair
Concrete repair

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